Saturday, December 16, 2006


Have to click on these to enlarge to see the raised Christmas tree better, I guess. Most of the people I sent cards to should have received them by now. These are the Christmas cards Leah and I worked on. Very simple style this year.

Been working on making the soup from the ham bone I got from Leah. Had to use what I had on hand, of course. Black bean and barley soup--yummy to me! I really like black beans.

Spent the afternoon getting my new calendar insert all up to speed. Just finished watching "The Office" on tape. Such a silly show! I enjoy it, tho. Michael is such a child. And we've probably all worked with women like Angela--work is everything to them and they have to be in control. I just chuckle!

I can smell the soup. I just added the barley to cook. Then I am eating dinner. Yummy! :)

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