Friday, December 15, 2006


The new humidifier! 99.999% germ free! I haven't set it up yet today. Have to finish reading all the instructuions. I have to clean this one once a week to keep it from calcium deposit build-up--so that will go on my weekly schedule--hehe!

Notice--Absolutely no white dust!! Seems that this is a very common thing with the new ultrasonic humidifiers. They have had them returned before because of that. There was some other thing I could buy to try to prevent as much white dust buildup--but I passed. They tried to tell me other brands didn't have as much dust. I passed. I wanted the one I purchased in the first place because it had warm and cold mist--and I figured the warm mist would kill a lot of the fungus and bacteria that caused me so much sinus trouble with my old humidifier, which was just cold air and a fan. So, this one fit the bill. Germ free and no white dust. If I have to clean it once a week, so be it!

Leah forgot the coupon for Michael's. (This is why she absolutely hates coupons!) She said she was going to go tonight after work and pick up the Melting Pot. And she emailed me today already and told me she remembered the coupon. Now, if she can just remember to go to Michael's--hehe! She and Dagan are so alike this way--forgetting--and, now--sadly--so am I. We are like three peas in a pod. Why do you think I have to write everything down! When I don't--I forget anymore.

We did make a trip over there, anyways, to see if they had the Melting Pots (had two!) and if they carried the crystals you add to make it flexible so it won't crack if sent thru the mail. Nope. I had seen this on a Carol Duvall show that I taped--but they don't always give the brand names of things on the show. So, after I got home, I did a little research and found out the name of it--Utee-Flex. And now I have a place I can order it online if we can't find it in town. Which reminds me--I should call KandKrafts and just ask them if they carry it! Duh! Be back--

KandKrafts carries it! TaDa!! I'll have to email Leah! Oh, the little thrills in life--hehe!

Leah is closer to knowing for sure. Sounds like if she goes to India it would be on the 22nd of January. That would be good! She'd have more time to make arrangements and to buy what she needs to get (like luggage). She and Dagan could go on their annual trip to Canada with friends that they were going to have to cancel over New Years, too! Nice! They were even telling her she'd have a car to use and an escort available whenever she wanted one. So, it sounds pretty definite. I guess there's another Indian man they are waiting to hear from for the finalization, but he's traveling. So--really sounds like 95% positive that she's going!!!?? At least not quite as soon as we thought. I am glad of that.

No snow in the forcast for the next ten days!! AWK!!! I cannot imagine a brown Christmas!! (Sorry, Mary Lou, but I just can't!) That would be depressing to me!! I am praying for snow!! At least enough to cover the ground!! Snow! Snow! Snow!

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