Thursday, December 28, 2006


Caroline was going to come to clean today, but she came down with the flu. So, hopefully she will be well by next Tuesday. If not, she'll call me. Poor thing! She sounded awful.

I am lucky these days--being home all the time, I am not exposed much to what's going around and I don't get sick very often any more. :) I never recovered from the mono, it seemed--and I think that is what set off the fibro? All the five years I was in college I caught everything that went around. Probably at least a quarter of the time I was in classes I was actually sick with something respiratory. I carried a huge wad of kleenex, a bag of cough drops, and that numbing throat spray in my backpack just to make it thru classes without driving everybody crazy--and was sometimes forced to leave because of coughing jags (always sat by the door whenever possible). I usually came down with something and was sick over the Christmas and summer breaks--and was just generally exhausted and in pain, too, from the fibro. I was always missing more classes than they allowed and had to go in and talk to my professors every semester--and had to find somebody to be my contact in each class I took. Sometimes I look back and I wonder how I did it at all? I had a lot of help from other students--emailing me to let me know what went on in classes and the letting me take their notes home to copy. And so many professors were so helpful to me! Restores your faith in humanity and the youth of today (they were all young at Concordia!). I never had any trouble finding some classmate to help me out in every single class I was in?? Amazing! Angels were watching over me, that's for sure! And everybody knew who to come to for cough drops, kleenex, bufferin, and other cold medications---and pens, paper, highlighters, pencils, and stapler for that matter--hehe!

In the couple of years since I had to quit school, I think my immune system has had a chance to recover. I am only sick a couple of times a year now! Silver lining to being homebound--hehe!

I am off to cart my garbage outside. The garbage truck was here and hauled off the tons of Christmas boxes and wrappings--hehe! I waited until I knew I wouldn't have to be struggling to fit my two bags in there.

Leah brought me Ranitidine from Sam's Club last night!! I was finally able to sleep easier last night. That stuff just works like a charm for heartburn!! My friend, Ruby, told me about it and it changed my life! I ran out a week or so ago and thought I could take the Shaklee Stomach Soothing Complex. Nope--didn't seem to do anything at all for what I've got. I'd forgotten how awful I felt all the time. So much for the diet, too--been eating crackers and toast like crazy. So, anyways, now things are back to normal as far as that goes. (Maybe I can even get to sleep a little earlier now, too? It's hard to lie down with bad heartburn.) All those years the doctors prescribed Ibuprofin for my arm pain--just ate my stomach out, I think. I have never been the same. Until Ranitidine--hehe!! Thanks again, Ruby!!

Well, got to get moving here....

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