Friday, December 22, 2006


Well, am a bit aggravated over the bill I finally received in the mail yesterday for the new chiropractor, Dr. Hager. I had called and asked what he charged before I ever made an appointment and was told $40--same as Dr. John. I even explained that I was on Medicare and had already paid the deductible for 2006 and asked if I would have to pay anything additional for switching chiropractors--no. I had, after paying the deductible, been paying $7.24 a visit at Chrio Life where Dr. John was--so I was expecting a bill of under $14.50 for my first two visits. $102.42!!! I almost fell over.

So, I called the billing department this morning and asked why I was being charged so much--why are there two different charges for each visit--and why was he so much more than I had been told? The lady said she would check into it and call me back. I told her my DIL just got her first bill for her first visit and it had double charges, also. One visit and it was almost $100 for Leah, too. ??

Even if I can manage to get these bills reduced, this means that Leah and I will have to find another chiropractor. *sigh* Dr. John may have had us coming in a little too often, but I had never felt better. Plus--this time after going to Dr. Hager (Wednesday) I noticed that the place where I was so sore and stiff and hurt--well, it is still sore and stiff and hurts. So, he didn't do much of anything this time, I guess. Doesn't feel much different. He did manage to help with the displaced rib from Dr. Mike--that he managed to do--in two visits. But this place hurt down here on the other side since I was in last time--and he still didn't get rid of it this time. So--time for a new chiropractor, I guess. But--I will have to put it off for a long time now. January I have to start paying the $120.00 yearly deductible again--and now I owe Dr. Hager all this money--plus we just went again!! I am not happy. I feel I was lied to--deceived!

Meanwhile--Dagan is coming at 3pm to take me shopping today. That will be fun! I always enjoy his company--and Leah's. I am dragging him off to K&Krafts in Moorhead--hehe! And to PetSmart in Fargo. We'll see how it goes if we go anyplace else (money and energy).

Been working on a few cards and letters. Puttering about. I have given up on getting the secret finished by Christmas, obviously. I am now hoping to have them done by Sacred Circle in January on the 7th. Dagan and Leah will be gone on their annual trip to Canada thru New Years--so I will have some time to spread everything out and dig in while they are gone. They never read my blog, so I am not worried about them being tipped off--hehe!

I just got a call back from the billing department at Dakota Clinic. She gave the information to the department that investigates the questionable billing for Medicare. They will look into it further and see what each of the costs are for, etc. Could take a week or two. But, since this is his usual practice of billing (since Leah got the same thing) I doubt it will amount to anything being changed. At least I have put in my complaint. And I told her again that I feel most deceived by them telling me ahead of time he charged $40! If they had told me he cost like $90-100 a visit, I would never have gone to him, let alone had my daughter-in-law go there, too!

Okay--just think happier thoughts! If I could see my own aura--I bet it is black right now! hehe! I am going to have a nice afternoon with my son--buying some things to play with and some goodies for all my critters. That will lift my spirits. I have done what I can do--now I have to let it go. I will be making small payments to this chiro/Dakota Clinic now for a long time. I am not even done making payments to the other chiro until January---and I thought I was finally done!! Oh well. What is the lesson learned?? Maybe it is better to deal with a small business than a huge business?? At least about billing and charges--hehe! I am not sure what the lesson is in this...???

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