Monday, December 11, 2006


This is what we use most of the time to put cards together--rolls of indoor carpet tape! Found that out at a stamp class a few years ago at K&Krafts in Moorhead. And the cutter is a Fiskars--we use that to cut down the paper we use.

I got all 26 of these done yesterday. They are half sheet size cards--the large ones.
I got the three leaf cards put together and the one baby bird print I had left.
Hard to get a good picture--but these leaves are shimmery. Honestly--I made them so long ago that I can't remember what I used to make them shimmery--hehe!
And this is the stack I have ready to go. All the fronts are cut down and the framing piece for underneath is cut to size, too. All ready to sit for hours and cut little squares of carpet tape...
That's what I got done yesterday. Today--I am washing clothes and sheets, etc--so that is about it for me. I doubt I'll get any more cards put together.

I slept from 10:30pm till 10:30am--so I am not sure I'll get to bed as early as I have been tonight? I am very well rested--hehe!! We'll see. I hope I can still get to bed pretty early and keep the day hours.

Dagan came by over lunch and picked up the humidifier. He left the DVD/CD cleaner. It worked on the livingroom DVD player, but not on the computer one? Not sure why not? I was taping in the bedroom (my soap I have half watched for over 35 years--All My Children)--so Dagan left the cleaner disc for me. The sound it made toward the end scared Karma so badly that she stayed in the bedroom under the bed until Dagan was leaving. So, I have to remember to turn down the sound when I run it in the bedroom. It is extremely high pitched and goes higher and higher and higher! Was really creepy, actually--I can see why it bothered her. She's only been afraid of the fire alarm--but now this DVD/CD cleaner is her second greatest fear.

My Twinkling H2Os came today and I think I am too sore to play with them. :( I'll have to see how I feel after I am done with the laundry and rest up. Maybe before I go to bed I could play a little...???

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