Saturday, December 30, 2006


Dreams!!! I have been busy online the past couple of days. Found a new group of like-minded souls on Psychic Sparkers. I've never run into anybody who dreams quite like I do, so it is fun to discuss this stuff with other people who have had similar experiences!

I have always had dreams about places I've never been and people I don't know--since I was little. I had some precognitive dreams, but they were mostly when I was younger. I dream about other time periods and have had a couple of dreams that seemed to be from another planet possibly (or this one and it didn't/doesn't look the same?). I have always had dreams that were like past life dreams--and often "recognize" a person or two as being someone from this life, even if they don't look the same, are a different age, and are sometimes even a different sex. I have dreamt of being a man in other time periods, too. I have dreamt of being in a place where people are inbetween lives--learning and waiting to come back.

May be just a wild imagination...??? Who knows? But, I do know that I learn spiritual lessons when I am sleeping and dreaming--always have. Like I am being taught. I can have "instant replay" dreams where I am shown something I missed completely while I was awake.

Over the years I have learned to sometimes be aware I am dreaming while I am dreaming--and I'm able to alter or change a negative action/response of mine in the dream while I am dreaming it. My leaping and floating flying dreams--I used to fall and crash to earth. Loved the flying, hated the hard landings. I have somehow learned to land gently and not crash? Used to be chased years ago--never happens anymore. I was determined not to be afraid in my dreams. I can be in terrible situations in my dreams these days and it is like watching a movie. Even tho I know I am afraid in the dream, I don't usually "feel" the fear--if that makes any sense.

The past few years I have started to have what I call "time jumping" dreams. For example--I can be riding in a car in a modern day dream and suddenly I am sitting on a horse cart in someplace that looks like the Middle Ages. There will be an emotional connection between the present day dream and the other time period dream--a similarity in situations on an emotional level. Something I haven't learned yet in this life. (I am a terribly slow learner!!)

Anyways, running into people who are interested in dreams and a few who do dream like this or in some of the ways I dream--has inspired me to start a dream journal again. I have done that a couple of times in the last ten years or so. Something new to add to my list on New Year's Eve. Tomorrow!!! How exciting!

I have been doing my morning pages on my laptop in bed when I get up for over a year now--until I lent Leah my laptop for December. I have been recording any dreams if I remembered them, but made no real effort to recall them. Leah will be bringing me back my laptop after they get back from Canada. I will keep a notepad and pen by the bed again and try to remember as much as I can--take notes when I wake up in the middle of the night.

So, anyways, sweet dreams! Or at least interesting dreams--hehe!

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