Saturday, December 02, 2006


I made a big boo-boo today when I ordered from CashWise. Ordered the wrong kitty litter! And didn't realize it until I opened it. Yuck! It is the clay stuff that stinks (I don't care if it is supposed to have little blue deodorizers in it--yuck!) So, tomorrow when Dagan comes to pick me up, we are bringing these back to CashWise (I hope they'll take the opened one back??) and then we're going to make a trip over to PetSmart--where I should have gone in the first place. (I was trying not to bother Dagan and Leah with extra trips--see how well that worked?)

Here's a picture of my green coat I got on sale. Would that I looked like her in it--hehe!
Karma has done this since she was a kitten--and only when I first get up. She waits till I flush the toilet, watches the water go down, and then--with much anticipation--she waits until the little drips and drops come plopping down from along the underside of the rim...
....and she tries to bat at them with her paw. She doesn't lick her paws or anything--just bats at the drips. I have never figured out what the fascination is. Maybe it is because these are drips she can actually catch--unlike the frustrating ones that dribble down the screen when it rains and the windows are closed? You'd think she would have outgrown this by now, but no--still interesting enough for half of her mornings, at least.
I am so delighted that I slept from 9pm till 6:30am! I can't believe how I have been sleeping at night for an entire week! Amazing!!! I am starting to feel like I am getting some energy back!

Leah didn't make it over for Christmas cards last night. She was at a dinner and it went longer than she expected. So she said she'd come over Monday briefly and then for a longer time on Wednesday--and, hopefully, we can get them done Wednesday night. I worked a little on them today. We were short a few squares for the front.

Right now, I am off to re-read the Healing Touch Book and review the techniques for "class" tomorrow. I am excited to have our little Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow, too! Nice! She's making a ham dinner, I think. Yumm!!! And this time, I need to be home by 9pm or earlier since I am on such strange hours lately. I do want to keep it up as long as I am able to. :)

So--busy day tomorrow. Quiet day today. :)

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