Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Wednesday- 10:30am

Okay--for those of you who have asked for pictures where you can see Leah's face--hehe! I asked her to let me get pictures of her last night! She is so pretty. I don't know why she's so shy about photos. So, here she is working on Christmas cards. She's coming tonight again. I am working on embossing today so that everything will be ready for putting them together tonight.

It was the weirdest thing--speaking of electrical stuff lately! My blinking white lights went out completely yesterday. I checked cords and the strip cord and plugged and unplugged--nothing.

Later, after I said good-bye to Leah at the door, I walked back and the light was out in the hanging light over the table--just like that. Again--I plugged and unplugged--that light cord goes into the wall. The heat gun still worked and the lights were on the strip cord?? (The blinking lights and the heat gun are plugged into the same strip cord.) I gave up and went to bed---early again!

This morning I suddenly realized that the light was on over the table!? Hard to see in the daytime. So, I go over and plug in the blinking lights--and they work again, too?? How peculiar! ???? I said--things are weird at my place.

Barely any snow--but had a dusting again. Tired and quiet today. :)

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