Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sunday- 8am

The apartment across the hall from me has their door decoratd so nicely. I love the abstract wooden angel on the wall. The lady has already changed it out since they moved in from rose buds to Christmas decorations. They just moved in a couple months ago--and have a dog. I was so impressed with how well the dog is trained. When they were moving in the dog would just lie on the back end of the moving trailer outside and patiently wait for them to make trips in and back!! Amazing!! Never moved! Was a big brownish dog--maybe a golden retriever?

Several people on this floor have Christmas decorations outside their doors. There haven't been any notices about vandalism for a while... I hung my little Santa head outside the door and I'll hope he's there when I pack up the Christmas decorations--hehe! I actually notice him more when he's outside the door, when I get the mail or bring the trash down, than when he was hanging inside next to the coat closet. I originally bought him for hanging outside the apartment door--so, now he's where he's supposed to be. :)

Now--on to the interesting news!

Leah emailed me yesterday and told me that Chuck and Michal (her sister and BIL) knew about the ultrasonic humidifiers and the white dust!! They told her to tell me to get rid of it right away--that it also "kills electronics"!! So--the new humidifer may be why my DVD player died!? And could even be why the lights have been acting funny over by the window? So--it wasn't just me!!! TaDa! I turned it off right away and emptied it. Dagan is probably coming over tomorrow over his lunch hour to pick it up. They will exchange it for a regular one--one with just water and a fan! AND--Dagan and Leah have a DVD cleaner of some kind and Dagan will bring that over and clean my DVD players. Possibly the bedroom one might work again? It's worth a try, anyways.

So--how about that?!! Now that I will be free of the ultrasonic humidifier and the white dust, I can gradually clean the whole place and it should stay clean--well, like it normally did, anyways--hehe! Fighting the battle of the white dust every day is depressing, for one thing. Always feels dirty in here--coated--literally. It is sure nice to know that this has happened to somebody else! I hope that Dagan and Leah don't have any trouble bringing the humidifier back to Bed, Bath, and Beyond without a box? I haven't had to return things there before that I can remember. They'll be exchanging, so they might not be so picky--I hope.

Anyways, yesterday it got up to 48 degrees!! I even had the porch door propped open for Karma to go in and out on her own. Today--predicting 38 degrees. Still, pretty warm compared to what we have been having, that's for sure.

I watched the first disc of Season Six-Part One of The Sopranos yesterday. What a shock! Crazy old Uncle Junior shot Tony--thinking he was somebody from Junior's past (Alzheimer's). Can hardly wait to get the next disc. I guess this is the last season for the show? I can see why people talked about it all the time and why it won so many awards. Has been nice to finally be able to watch it thanks to Netflix. Boy! I sound like a Netflix commercial--hehe! But--me, without a car--I'd never get to rent any movies at all without it.

The last couple weeks has been all music DVDs from Netflix. I think I still love the Beatles, The Moody Blues, and Simon and Garfunkel the best from back then. Music joggs your memory in a way that nothing else does. Transports you back in time--for good or bad--hehe!

"I Know You're Out There Somewhere" by The Moody Blues.......I never did find him.

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