Sunday, December 17, 2006


This is my red leather holder for my calendar insert. It is worn gray all around the edges from all the years that I carried it around in my backpack. This Stanley Journal from Levenger has traveled many miles with me. :)

I keep it propped open on a book holder I had for my school studying days. I have a few book holders because of my bad arm not being able to hold or grip for more than a few minutes--and a book weight to hold open a book that is lying flat, also. When you have been making accomodations for so many years (since 1993) you can forget all the little ways you have changed how you do things and all the items you have purchased to make life easier.

The new calendar is ready to go Christmas Day! Now the old one lies on the desk for a week. I have that big paper clip you can see on the bottom left edge that I use to mark my place and weight the pages open a little. Been using that as a page marker for all these years, too.

I always start out so neatly, but it doesn't last for long--hehe! Scribbling, white out, and highlighters all over the place in no time. They were such a mess and so jammed with information when I was in college that I had to start using highlighters to color code at a glance. Orange for having to be/go someplace, blue for phone calls had to make, hot pink for big important stuff, green & yellow for the less important but don't forget this stuff. See--I am so "organized" people tell me. Or a little OCD maybe? The last couple of years since I've been out of school--green has become the color for people coming over to my place--but I find I am not as strict with the color coding as I had to be in college. It was more important to be very organized then or I don't know how I would have made it as far as I did. My memory was getting worse and worse with the fibro and being so tired--so it was practical as well as a little OCD--hehe!

In the back of the calendar I can plan out my budget each month. Keep track of phone numbers--I only have the numbers I need for Federal, State, doctors, chiro, dentist, etc in the calendar address section. And I am all set and ready for the new year. Hard to believe it will be 2007. Seems like only yesterday we were dealing with the Y2 scare! (Which I thought was pretty silly, actually.)

This is the last week to get ready for Christmas--all of you who still need to prepare for arrival of family. Blessings to all!!

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