Friday, December 05, 2008


Been waking up with such a dry nose and throat--was time to go get the humidifier and little table out of storage yesterday. Slept better last night, too. :)

I was cutting up the carpeting piece that Dagan and Leah brought over. I picked up the scissors one time and they were kind of bending all funny?

Isn't that strange? Never had this happen before. Cracked me up!

Never had a pair of scissors like those before, either. They're titanium--doesn't that sound good? Great blades, but the handles could use some work--ROFL!! Karma got her new cat box lining, anyways, and Dagan and Leah have some more leftover carpeting, too.

I thought today I'd pass on something lighthearted--and apparently endless--hehe! For all you cat lovers out there:
Thanks, Ruby!! :):)


Serena Lewis said...

Goodness, Rita, you don't know your own strength, I've actually had a few pairs of scissors that have cracked at the plastic handles making them useless. I think I was cutting carpet at the time too. :)

Rita said...

Well that yellow part of the handle is actually rubbery, so there was only the grey part to snap--LOL!!!