Wednesday, December 17, 2008


95% of the time this is the Karma I live with every day. Looks innocent enough, right?

She's a big, sweet, lazy cat--with me. But she has turned into such an old lady cat who wants nothing to do with anybody but me anymore. She really gave Caroline a hard time yesterday! Karma was trying to hide under the bed but I have so much stuff under there that she could barely get under the bedspread at the foot of the bed. So I'm sure she felt threatened--trapped. Thought Caroline might step on her or touch her with the scary vacuum--heaven forbid! So she threw a hissy fit and lunged at Caroline's feet while she was dusting! She has no claws, but I shut Karma in the bedroom and I told Caroline to forget about vacuuming in there. It is so strange having an antisocial scardy cat.
I asked Dagan to switch about coming over for the computer to Thursday. When he comes I am going to ask him to help me get a couple of the boxes out from under the bed so we can make room for Karma to actually be able to hide under there again. What a naughty girl!!
Anyways, Caroline brought all the rest of the Princess Diaries books that she owns! So funny! Instead of book 1. 2. 3.....the author, Cabot, has like book 4, 4 1/4, 4 1/2, 5....
Lots to read--a whole shelf of books from Caroline now!!
I started on Ann's sketchbook yesterday. I think one video is up and the other is still uploading (since last night). The next thing I do is the eyelets. Pounding with a hammer is not a good thing to do when you have the camera on the table top--hehe! I also bang my hands on the table sometimes and send the camera into tremors--ROFL! (I've always talked with my hands.)

The camera snaps on to the top of that red and black pliable dodad--the gorillapod--that I have twisted around a burned out lamp with a heavy base. :)

Anyways, I am going to try out a new set up today. Using a sturdy TV tray and that box I painted--and whatever else I need to add until I get the camera high enough.

This way--hopefully--I won't cause the camera to tremble when I hammer or pound the table with my hands for emphasis--hehehe!
Today the apartments are all being inspected. Not sure when they will come here to my apartment. Made me think about what my place would look like to a stranger coming in? It is sure packed full! Looks like book, art, and craft central! Maybe I'll take some pictures today. Later... :)


Serena Lewis said...

A very professional looking camera set-up there, Rita...hehehe I've always talked with my hands too. Apparently, they say a lot of creative people are like that...I get very animated with my hands when relating a story to someone. lol

I'm sure Karma would LOVE a little, hide-y hole under the bed. I know Cody like his little 'secure' areas.

Rita said...

Yup! Really professional looking--ROFL!!

When I was younger people almost had to back away from me when I was talking in order not to get hit by flying hands--hehe! I have knocked over a wide variety of objects over the years. I had a teacher punish me in grade school for talking in class by making me sit on my hands--LOL!! Back then I couldn't even talk without my hands and she knew it! :)