Saturday, December 13, 2008


Here's the trial sketchbook--tada!

Wow! When the flash hits the cover it looks even more colorful than it does in natural light. In natural light it looks mostly dark green. Such pretty paper, tho. Thanks, Ann!
I struggled yesterday with the last two videos. Just wouldn't copy the way I had been doing it--so I began experimenting with different routes for it to try. You know how computers are--hehe! Sometimes you have to come at them from another direction--use another pathway. I used a different program and sent them to a different spot--and viola! Maybe I won't have as much trouble with them if I copy them like that from now on? Anyways, I have two more videos up on YouTube. (You can always go to the upper left-hand corner of my blog and under "My Other Web Spots" click on "SoulComfort's Video Corner" and that will take you there.)
We have a blizzard heading our way tonight and tomorrow. Up to 40 mph winds--yup!--that would do it! Warmer right now--21 degrees--Karma even wanted to go out on the porch for a couple of minutes--hehe! Myself--still just me and my blanket. Noodle day again. Later...


Serena Lewis said...

It's BEAUTIFUL, Rita! I love the colours in the cover.

I haven't had a chance to check out your videos yet....I seem to be so busy with Christmas approaching but, hopefully, I'll get some time soon.


Rita said...

Isn't that pretty paper?! Ann sent it to me--she was cleaning her art/craft area and had all this paste/painted paper that she didn't know what to do with and wanted to get rid of. I'll be making her rice paper journal with her own paper on the cover next. :)

Yes--let me know what you think of my amateur videos when you get a chance to peek at them--ROFL!!