Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Right before Caroline came over--Dagan called. He got laid off!! What a shock! Out of the blue! Just a few weeks ago they had given him more responsibility, he was on call, and they gave him a company cell phone! What a shock! What a shock!

Honestly--I was mostly just absorbing that new fact yesterday.

The positives. Like Dagan said--since Leah works at home, they could relocate if they had to. He has a couple years of experience under his belt now in his chosen field. And it is a good thing that Chuck and Michal are living in the downstairs bedroom right now--helps a little bit with rent for the time being. Sadly--his unemployment actually helps with the bankruptcy they are in the process of filing. (The bank just finally sent them the paperwork on the foreclosure of the house a few weeks ago.)

Of course--being Swedish and Midwestern--I had to think through the worst case scenarios and all the options I could think of. My first thought was I didn't want to see them now lose the townhouse they are renting after just losing the house they were building. Once you have filed bankruptcy you cannot get into any of the nicer rental properties. You are kind of doomed to the no questions asked areas of town, you know? Where they are now is a beautiful place on the river--beautiful wooded scene out their window--peaceful--feels like a house--a home--where they could stay for a long time.

I told them both that if it came down to them losing the place after Chuck and Michal find a house and move out (probably spring or summer) that I could move in downstairs and pay them rent. Funny--we had talked a lot about us living together for a few years there--and this would actually be like what Dagan and Leah had talked about. I'd have a separate space of my own. Downstairs there's a private bathroom, bedroom, and a den-like larger room that is almost as big as my living room here. I could rent a small storage space for my garage stuff, kitchen stuff, and odds and ends--deal with them later, you know? Anyways, I offered. They have me in their back pocket. :):)

My life has been filled with huge shifts and sudden upheavals. Things might be really crummy for a while, but they always work out in the end. And usually for the better in the long run. I know they will be okay. And I will help in any way that I can. They are in my thoughts and prayers. Send good thoughts!! :)

Meanwhile--all I did yesterday was whittle away at my inbox a little, played some solitaire, and milled things over till I felt better.

Going thru worst case scenario always calms me down--hehe! Then if things end up going better it is such a joy and relief! Hey! I'm scandahoovian--what can I say!

Anyways, I have CashWise coming this morning. Leah was coming over for Craft Night tonight to work on her Christmas cards and I invited them both for a pot roast dinner a couple of days ago. I think they can really use it now, eh? I am going to start filling out envelopes for my Christmas cards. We'll have a chance to talk more tonight.

There are many people out there who have it much worse. Dagan and Leah are basically optimistic. Dagan would take a job for less money if he has to. He can apply for unemployment and he'll sign up at the temp agencies in town. Think positive, right? :):) I have to go get dressed before it is time for CashWise. Good thoughts for everybody!! :)


Donn said...

So sorry to hear that Dagan was layed off. Doesn't seem right. But maybe it will only be temporary. Got to think positive.
Some places are putting a hold on foreclosures for 45 to 90 days. Don't know what your state is doing. FL Gov put a hold on for 45 days.
Have a good week, what's left of it.
I always love reading your daily input.

Rita said...

Nothing was said about rehiring in the future--but one never knows, I guess. When you are let go in these office/computer jobs--they practially tell you bye and march you right out the door. And Dagan and Leah's house that they were having built (never even took possession because it never got finished--shifty contractors) has already been foreclosed on. They just got the official papers a while back. They had it rough for a year already with the house until this last spring. Things will just have to turn around for them. At least they have each other. Well--and me--hehe! :):)

Serena Lewis said...

OH Rita, I'm so sorry to hear about Dagan's lay off at his job. What a rotten time of year for this to happen. However, I'm a huge believer in positive thought and I'm so glad to hear that you are all keeping a positive frame of mind too. They say things are going to get tough here too with one of our banks saying they plan to lay off around 800 people soon.

Stay focused, stay happy and, this too shall pass, my friend. It's lovely how families pull together to help one another out when times get tough.


Rita said...

May be an extra good time to be reading about the law of attraction, eh? :):)

Yes, people do pull together when times get rough. I have a lot of faith in humanity on the whole. :)