Wednesday, December 10, 2008


This may not look like much, but I do have a plan for birthday cards--hehe! I haven't tried out a sample yet, tho. Am planning on using a resist method.

The box will finally get opened tonight--tada! That's the plan, anyways--to put the taboret together when Dagan and Leah come over later tonight. It will fit right under my folding table. am planning on seeing if I can fit most of my brush painting supplies in there. Maybe will have room for some other painting supplies or drawing supplies, too? We'll see.

It's December. I got my refill calendar from Levengers. I bought myself the red leather refillable calendar when I started college and have used it ever since. It is pretty rough looking after being drug around in a back pack for five years--hehe! I still love it!

For years now I have kept it propped up on my desk on this book holder that I also used when I was in college--when I was writing papers. Also use it to hold cookbooks on occasion.

I even really do use the expense forms in the back to budget each month. Be lost without it!

I keep track of everything in here--birthdays, lists, appointments, to-dos, reminders. No Blackberry for me. Is that what they use these days? Or is it called a palm pilot? I am pretty clueless with all the new electronics. Give me pen and paper any day--sorry trees! At least paper is recyclable and will disintegrate in a landfill, right?
I often spend Christmas filling out my new calendar and filling in the monthly bills in the budget guide. Shows you the kind of person I am--I actually look forward to this--ROFL! Of course, anything that involves colored pens, highlighters, and organizing sets my heart to racing--hehe!
I've been up later and sleeping later again, so I had best get moving here. Have a good day! :)

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