Friday, December 19, 2008


Worked on eyelets yesterday. :)

Ann approved of the wild covers. :):) So I'll continue on when my bad arm has calmed down--chuckle!
What did I learn yesterday? I learned that it is much easier to use the hole punch set (used with a hammer) than my beloved Japanese screw punch for making the holes in the covers--or for anything thicker, for that matter. I do love my Japanese screw punch, don't get me wrong. But I use it on paper all the time--not cardboard, etc. It is my absolute favorite for paper, but I won't try to use it again on my covers. You can see why on my YouTube videos.
My bad arm burned after making just those first five holes. Sad, but true. Still is burning a little today. So--I'll be good and get off the keyboard, too--hehe! A day or so and it will be fine again. No problem. I should know better--my own fault. I should be back to working on the sketchbook soon--maybe even this weekend some time. :)
In the meantime--guess I'll catch up on my TV shows I taped this week, read, play with Miss Karma, and try not to use my left arm much. Never fear! I am in such an obnoxiously cheery Christmas mood that this minor arm issue can't possibly get me down--ROFL!!
Oh--Dagan liked the insurance company job the best and has another interview with them on Tuesday. Good thoughts! :):)

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