Thursday, December 04, 2008


Dagan and Leah found the instruction booklets for the camera--tada!

And the remotes for the TV and DVD player, too--hehehe!

And they brought me the leftover chunk of the outdoor carpet they used in the storage area under their stairs. Now I can cut this up and use it on the bottom of Miss Karma's cat box to catch some of that darn kitty litter!!

Leah also brought the faux sealing wax kit!! So cool! This is the glue gun method that uses the sticks that remain pliable in the mail--won't crack apart before the letter even gets there. Nice!
I am done trying to get this next picture to post right side up. I don't know why blogger does this to me lately? This is the second time I have had a picture flip all by itself? Last time--couple weeks ago maybe--I had to re-post it like six times before it came out normally. ?? Three times today and I am done. If anybody knows why blogger does this and how to fix it--please let me know. The picture is right side up in my computer? How strange!

Anyways, Dagan and Leah came over for pot roast dinner last night. Was a huge hit! I had never used all boxed beef broth (no water) with slow baking the roast--sooooo good! Made the best gravy, too! It was nice to have Dagan helping me in the kitchen. He lifts the hot heavy roasting pan for me, scoops out the veggies, lifts out the meat, strains the liquid into a pan so I can make the gravy, and even scrubs the roasting pan afterwards for me (my bad arm makes lifting heavy hot things a bit risky).
Dagan helped me with dinner so Leah was free to start on her Christmas cards. I am almost embarrassed to admit that we watched that new movie Stepbrothers with Will Ferrell. It was absolutely horrible!
If you like the very worst grade school/sophomoric humor, profuse profanity (by every single character--even the children), and want to see Will rubbing his (fake, we can only hope) testicles on his stepbrother's drum set, for example--then this is the movie for you. There are other things I wouldn't even discuss. Shall we say--this movie ain't no Elf. Dagan said he saw that Will wrote the screenplay. I am ashamed for him.
It did start up a chuckling discussion between us of what was the worst movie we have ever seen. (I believe Stepbrothers wins--hands down!) We all thought it was horrible. I checked the "I hated it" rating on Netflix--something I don't think I have ever done!! I know I seriously considered it once. I have a hard time checking the "didn't like it" box--Minnesota nice and all-hehe!
Anyways. we had a good time despite the movie--hehe! Leah finished all her Christmas cards--tada!! She certainly didn't have to be worried about being sidetracked by the movie--ROFL!!
Before Dagan and Leah arrived I had done another quick YouTube video. Wanted to show Donn in Florida the cutters he was curious about. I felt scattery and unfocused, but I guess it turned out alright. I posted it last night. Or, should I say, I started the uploading last night. I kind of leave them and go to bed because they take sooooo long. It had been four hours when I went to bed and that one video wasn't done yet. Crazy! So, I decided that is how I will do them from now on--start them uploading and go to bed--hehe!
Dagan and Leah are talking to their lawyer about how to proceed with the bankruptcy now--with the changes in fortune, shall we say. We are all thinking positive. When it comes down to it--when times are rough--all that you can really count on are family, friends, and/or faith. :):)


Serena Lewis said...

Even the trailers for Stepbrothers looked terrible so I'm glad I didn't waste my time watching it. Ah well, at least, you guys got a laugh at the following discussion on worst movies.

The wax kit looks fantastic! I don't know if we have anything like that here.

Your LG remote looks the same as my LG VCR remote. :)

Rita said...

I haven't used the kit yet. Using a glue gun instead of a flame and a stick "looks" easier--but then again, for all my crafting I am not familiar with glue guns--hehehe!

I thought of it after the fact--I could have used them on my Christmas cards! Duh! Oh well. :)