Tuesday, December 09, 2008


I think I forgot to mention that my taboret arrived on Saturday. On sale from Dick Blick--even got this 34 lb item shipped for under $6.00!! The Internet is full of specials and deals right now. :)
Anyways, it has been sitting in a box here--needing "assembly"--hehe! Which means it needs our tool girl--hehe! Leah said that on Wednesday (Craft Night) she and Dagan could come over and put it together for me--tomorrow! She also offered to cut and/or fold any paper I need for my birthday cards for next year. (She knows how the repetitive tasks like that do my arm in--what a sweetie!) So I have to think about what I actually want to to do for birthday cards this year. I need to have a plan by tomorrow! :)
I didn't get done with clothes and have the bed made until after 8pm yesterday. We actually had snow--enough for the plows to be out in the parking lot late last night.

This was the first time this year we have hear the familiar sound of metal scraping along the ground, the constant shifting of gears, and the back up beep-beep-beeping. I can't believe Karma slept through it!

Well, I need to go figure out what I want to do for birthday cards... :):)

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