Monday, December 08, 2008


Warm enough to lick snow today--hehe! 22 degrees. They are predicting snow for the next three out of four days, I guess. Maybe going to be white and stay white?
I worked on Christmas cards yesterday. This was about three quarters of them. I did finish all of them! Now I am just waiting for the stamps I ordered to come in the mail. :)

I had something really crazy happen with the computer today. Red flashing words and it froze up twice. I shut it down and left it alone for a couple of hours--and now it is working. ?? I talked to Dagan on the phone and he said to go ahead and use it. I have had my computer fix itself many times. This was something new, tho--red flashing words when I tried to start it up the second time! Something about a media stripe? Dagan had never heard of it. I really do have the strangest things happen to my computers.

Today--the big project is washing three loads of clothes and sheets and towels. I'll just be happy to get that done and everything put away. And hope the computer will be nice and keep working properly--hehe! :)

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