Sunday, December 21, 2008


Have you ever picked something up and noticed it really needed a nice hot cloth cleaning--and next thing you have cleaned them all--hehe!

By the time I was done I had the entire corner cleaned and the bottles refilled. :)

Obviously my bum arm was feeling better--and it held up pretty well.
I worked on my list of Artistic, Creative, and Spiritual Goals for 2009. Am getting excited about the coming year! I think it is going to be a good year--a year when things will turn around. I do have a lot of faith in humanity. When times get really rough people usually pull together and help each other out. Hard times--crisis--can bring out the best in us. I believe that 2009 will be a year of hope--of uncovering deceit--of change--of new beginnings. :):) You may call me a dreamer....
3 degrees below, hazy, and light snow in Fargo. May your spirits rise and have a wonderful day!

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