Thursday, December 11, 2008


Dagan and Leah put the taboret together for me last night! The top and drawer fronts are real wood.

While we watched The Dark Knight (really good--Heath Ledger was soooo evil and yet managed to be funny at times--tricky to pull off!), Leah did the cutting and folding for me for my birthday cards for 2009. :) Thanks, Leah!! You are so good to me!
Before they got here I did a couple more videos for YouTube. Demonstrating my jerry-rigged mat cutter actually cutting paper--tada! (I knew I'd figure something out to get it to work--hehe!)
I am now at the point of making a template and cutting the holes for sewing on my trial run. Hopefully get some more done today. :)
I ordered The Shop Around The Corner from Netflix and it came today. Funny--I love the old movies, but I rarely seem to order them from Netflix. Might have to check out the Classics section more often, eh? (I love Jimmy Stewart!!)
Well, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas (she sings)---light, floaty, sparkly flakes today and 9 degrees in Fargo. :)

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