Saturday, December 06, 2008


How to torture your cat--hehe! Stickers of any kind--anywhere on her furry body. She gets all wound up, captures it, and bites many holes in the offending sticker--occasionally leaping about and attacking it repeatedly after it is already dead--ROFL! (She actually enjoys stickers.)

3pm yesterday--light, blowing snow.
5pm--blanketed the ground in a thin layer. Pretty much quit about that time. And by today--a lot of it has been blown away so that you can see grass again. Was a dry snow.

I was actually out in the snow for a little while yesterday. Had to go sign papers for a new lease at the office (no rent increase--tada!). Took out the trash on my little green cart and then went to the garage and brought in all the Christmas stuff. I'm slow this year. Usually have it up right after Thanksgiving. :)

But I was debating as to where to put my little tree. I used to have it on top of the bookcase that has now been moved into the bedroom. Wasn't sure Karma would leave it alone. Is she older and less likely to chew on it or knock it over?
Who knows?
When Dagan and Leah helped me clean the garage we found the angel that Lynnette had given me several years ago. She looks innocent enough, right? But when you plug her in--her arms and wings move slowly back and forth and she looks rather spooky.

Especially moving in the dark! Karma was leery of her. So maybe she can stand there as protector of my wobbly tree--hehe!

It doesn't look like Karma did anything to either one of them during the night. So far so good, eh?
I made some videos about me trying to learn how to use the mat cutter to cut paper. Apparently not something a "mat" cutter is meant to do--duh! Well, I am determined to figure out a way to use it. If you want a laugh--check out the latest videos on my attempts to use the mat cutter. Absolute proof that I do not know what I am doing--ROFL! I am going to keep experimenting today. I do have a plan--hehe!
3 degrees and sunny here in Fargo.
Wish me luck!


Serena Lewis said...

I love all your pics, Rita. Your tree is so cute! The angel doesn't look too spooky in the pic so I'll have to take your word for it. hehehe

Will check out your videos later tonight.


Rita said...

Hehe! The angel only looks spooky because of the way she slowly moves and creaks--LOL!

I'm glad you enjoy all my silly pictures! :)