Thursday, December 18, 2008


The nice girl from the office came for the apartment inspection yesterday. And I did take pictures of what somebody would see walking into my place. :)

The kitchen and pantry are to the left.

And this is my large main room where I spend my time every day. Supposed to be a dining room next to the kitchen--but I put my desk on that end.

The room is basically a couple of chairs surrounded by a desk, computer, books, art & craft supplies, a TV, tables, and a fish tank.

My craft area is the table by the windows--hung my own lamp from the ceiling on that end. That is where I now do YouTube videos--chuckle!

The door to the balcony/porch is on the right.

Looking back into the kitchen. The folding table on the left is my art table--a place to do brush painting, etc. Too often it become a place to set things--hehe!

When you live alone you can arrange things the way you want them--hehe! Priorities, eh? Can't say I don't use every available inch of space--ROFL!! Having so much stuff everywhere would drive a lot of other people nuts, I suppose, but I am quite comfy here. And Miss Karma doesn't care--as long as there is room for me to keep a packing box around for her to play with for a while before I haul them to the dumpster. (That's her latest box there under the folding table.) And she needs her sprawling room, of course--hehe!
I asked if I could buy some new blinds--how much it would cost. Less than $10 each! So, I am going to get one new one for the living room and a new one in the bedroom. Karma has chewed the sting pulls on those two. Can't even close the living room one all the way. Karma had left them alone, but has suddenly taken to chewing on the strings again. I told the girl that I can be at the bottom of the task list for the maintenance men. No hurry at all--the pulls have been like this for over two years. So I don't expect them for a while--maybe January?
Leah had an idea a long time ago about installing some hooks so that I could wrap the strings up and away from little teeth. So, that is going to be a new project--finding and installing hooks. I emailed Leah to peek around when she's out and about shopping.
Dagan called. Not coming over today to look at my computer because--tada!--he has TWO interviews today! Think positive thoughts, right? :):) He might come over tomorrow. I told him there's no rush. The desk computer is working right now and I managed to get it going again the two times it froze up. Speaking of freezing--it's one degree below zero right now--and time for me to get moving. Later.... :):)


Serena Lewis said...

I agree, it's so important to make your space suit your needs and not what conforms to the norm. I think you have utilised it very well, Rita. I enjoyed 'visiting' your apartment. :)

Good luck to Dagan with the interviews....I hope he gets the job.

love, light and peace,

Rita said...

Hi Serena!
Thanks for stopping by and taking the apartment tour--chuckle! One person's sanctuary.....hehe!

I am thinking good thoughts got Dagan. He has another interview with the company he liked on Tuesday! :):)

Donn said...

Thank you, Rita, for the invite into your home. It's lovely. You sure use every little space. And, you can't say you live alone...not with Karma and your fish.

Rita said...

So funny! You are right, Donn! I sure can't say I live alone--especially with Miss Karma as a roommate--LOL!!

It's a good thing I love to organize or I would never have been able to fit all of my stuff in a fairly small space! Cozy--I guess you could call it cozy, eh? Hehe! :):)