Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Karma greeting the morning in her usual spot yesterday. Her ears are back because she heard me get the camera ready--hehe!
She doesn't like to be interrupted while she watches her Cat TV. Must be something very private for her. Hard to catch her in her spot by the window--snooping and observing.
She left right after I took that picture. Not usually that camera shy, but hates being spied on while she is spying upon, I guess--hehe!
I have resisted trimming the cat grass. Looking wild, but not dying so far.

Dagan and Leah came yesterday. I suggested a Pita Pit stop vs. the stress and hassle of a big meal so we could just have the time to visit. Was very, very nice! :) Leah is always busy baking and they were heading out to Henning, Minnesota for Christmas today. (His dad and family this year--they trade off. I hope the weather will be okay for them.) Anyways, I wanted Leah to have a break--and I am much more interested in the company than the food. :)

They got a section of beef ( a quarter?) and brought me a bunch of soup bones! Cool! Leah brought me some more of these really great large clear bags we use for loaves of bread (Sam's Club). And they put some presents under (near) my tree! Which I didn't even notice until they had gone--duh!

I will wait until our traditional Christmas Eve night to open them. I'll be good...
I am truly like a little kid when it comes to presents--hehe! I am totally baffled by these. The two big ones feel like some kind of a jar or tub with a screw on lid?? But they're really quite heavy and don't make any noise at all when you shake them. The flat square little present is lumpy--no clue! ??? I'll find out tomorrow night. :)

Yesterday I finished the rice paper sketchbook for Ann!! Ended up making mistakes and am in the process of uploading videos to YouTube right now. I think a couple of them are done.

Cut some felt for a buffer so the ink doesn't bleed through.
Haiying has been my inspiration to be brave, try new things, and to just post everything--mistakes and all. I have always admired her so much for that. :) So--you see me crafting and learning--errors, repairs, silliness, coughing, forgetting where the camera frame is, and all. I'm sure people watching will think--"If she can do it, I sure can!" ROFL!!
As I told you, Leah has been baking and she said they forgot to bring me some cookies yesterday. Dagan is supposed to stop by with them today. :) He is off for his interview this morning at 8am, too.
It's a balmy 11 degrees right now! Above zero--tada! But we are supposed to get another 1-3 inches of snow. If it is really looking bad for travel out there Dagan and Leah might have to leave on Christmas Eve instead?? Or at least I would hope they would.
My next project is going to be working on the birthday cards for 2009. Over the next couple of days I want to start that--and wash clothes--and set up my calendar & weekly sheets--and pick out a journal to use for the Soul Coaching book. I am always excited to greet a new year!! Maybe today I should wash clothes and get that over with...??? Later. :)


Donn said...

Naughty, naughty, little Rita! Shame on you inspecting your gifts, shaking them to see if they rattle! Just like a kid.
Hope Dagan's interview went okay.
Keep warm in that frigid State of ND!

Rita said...

Hehehe! Dagan and Leah would attest to the fact that it doesn't take much to thrill me when it comes to gifts--chuckle! I was practically jumping up and down over the glue gun kit--hehe! :):)