Friday, December 26, 2008


Karma and I were just being lazy and watching Christmas movies yesterday. :)

My friend, Ruby, told me that she had tried the Fettings frozen bread dough many years ago and it did that same exact thing--collapsed in on itself! She even tried to use it for making rolls--and they collapsed, too. We chuckled and wondered how a company putting out a product like that is still in business? I guess it wasn't just that I got a bad batch, eh?
Leah emailed that she actually had gotten the pearl earrings free through a promotion. She got a card in the mail--a free while they lasted deal--and she went down there right away to get them for me because she knew how I love pearl earrings! (And I know how she hates to be on contact lists--so I appreciate her sacrifice--chuckle!) So--I do feel much better now. I didn't want them spending any money on me with things the way they are and all. She said she got the candles this past fall for me, too. Yup--made me feel much better. :) Won't be as scared to wear the earrings now, either--chuckle!
Leah and I both love our containers--hehe! I have already thought of a use for the candle jars after they are empty and cleaned, too. I've wanted to get more of the flakes for guilding. These would be perfect! I know she expected that I'd find a use for the jars, too--hehe!
Dagan and Leah will be back home on Saturday. Not supposed to be as bad weatherwise on Saturday, I guess. Today they are talking freezing drizzle and then snow--yuck! That's what we can get when it warms up--supposed to be near 30 degrees today. I'm always glad when I know they are home safe, of course. They'll let me know. :)
Well, today--most likely I'll be either working on my calendar or starting on the birthday cards. Hope everybody had a great Christmas! :):)


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas. Hope Santa blessed you with everything on your wishlist.

Rita said...

I didn't really have anything on my Santa list this year--hehe! I did order myself a few art supplies, tho. :)

Hope your Christmas was great, too!

Serena Lewis said...

Yesterday, Boxing Day, the kids and I watched movies....It's a Wonderful Life and Bridge to Terabithia. I cried in both.

Btw, Boxing Day is a public holiday here and it's various origins go back centuries. Here is a link to copy and paste if you're interested in reading about them.

Enjoy your day ~

love, light and peace,

Rita said...

I checked the link and learned something new! Thanks so much! Makes sense now. I guess we never mention it over here--but I checked and it was listed on my calendar (as are many holidays I have never heard of--hehe!)

Nothing like crying at a good movie, eh? :):)