Saturday, December 27, 2008


I forgot I had these in the camera from a couple mornings ago--was wondering what the orange sunrise meant.

Must have meant bad weather coming, eh? We have another severe weather warning for today, too. "Light freezing rain mist"--18 degrees and icy. Dagan and Leah are driving home today--so I'll be glad to hear when they are home safe.

Miss Karma has been thrilled with the warmer weather. She's been begging to go out a few times a day because she can sit on the carpet in a few new spots and the snow is really wet for the licking--chuckle!

Yesterday I worked on my calendar--writing in birthdays and such.

And my weekly (motivational) checklist--lying in front of the calendar. I'm all set now through April.

Okay--I am finally going to reveal that I have a mysterious, magical set of highlighters that I have been consistently using to color code my calendars since 1997 when I worked in the office at Lee Square. Not one of them has shown any signs of drying out. I haven't ever said a word about this to anybody--for fear I'd jinx their magical powers. No lie!

I used them all through my college days to color code my red calendar to keep track of due dates, tests, etc. I have been using them ever since, as you can see, on both the calendar and the weekly schedule checklist. They sit under here on my desk... the original package I've always kept them in. Twelve years now--that's absolutely unbelievable! Even though I always take good care of my office supplies--make sure caps are on tight and not left off for any length of time--I have never, ever had markers last this long. Especially ones I have consistently used at least once a week for 12 years!
I hope bragging about them won't change anything...??? :):)

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