Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Flood Update

Here are a few more pictures from Leah's Picasa album. This is one of the driveways to her mom's house yesterday.
Pictures of the water rising nearby.
Leah's mother's house sits on this higher piece of land. This shows where the flood water came in 1997. It sat surrounded by water like on its own island.Here's her mom's house.

View from the back yard.
Back yard.
Sandbagging around the window wells, etc.

Another view from the back yard.
The driveway two hours after the top picture.
And then--Dagan and Leah's balcony after the snow last night. Had been all melted away.
I thought I'd send along the pictures right away. Blogger is going down for a scheduled outage here pretty soon--so I will try to post this quickly. :):)
Check Leah's Picasa album for more pictures and information.


Serena Lewis said...

I hope the water level doesn't rise any more.

Rita said...

It will--until this weekend when it is supposed to crest here. Let's hope not as high as they think, eh? :)