Sunday, March 15, 2009


The Luminarte order finally arrived yesterday--tada! Worth waiting for!!
I actually take the little black covers off of them and keep them in this clear plastic container so I can see them better and can just grab one, wet it, and paint. They are dry cakes of color and don't seem to have diminished over time or anything. I've had the first set of 24 for years. Here's the combination of my old set and the new one.
And these are the Radiant Rain colors I ordered. You make your own mixture in the spray bottles--can combine colors if you like. Leah and I are partial to the shimmery metallics. Now we have: bronze medallion, solar gold, copper, golden bamboo, persimmon, and pewter!
I found out that Leah was let go from her second job at Valley Video now, too. They are so lucky to have Chuck and Michal living with them temporarily! If it had to happen, couldn't have been at a better time, right? Things will look up again soon. :)
I watched Leah on TV last night! Well, caught a few brief glimpses of her. She was with the science fiction group of volunteers for PBS pledge week. DooWop and John Denver--but I didn't watch all of it--sorry, Leah. I did see you tho--three times!! But I was doowoped out--hehe!
You could only see her peeking up from behind her little screen when the two hosts talked to each other at the end of their separate pleas. Otherwise the lady stood right in front of her--hehe!
I imagine they are hurting for money, also, with everybody tightening their pocketbooks. The police & fire department called me today, too, for donations. Somehow we will all get through these rough times.
After our recent blizzard--we have just hit 40 degrees today!! And it is supposed to do that again for the next few days--tada! Karma has spring fever! I even set her TV tray in its spot on the porch for her and the doors are cracked open. She comes racing thru the apartment every so often and then back out the door--ROFL!!
She's been extra cuddly the last few days--like she knows something is wrong and she's trying to comfort me. Gotta love her--hehe! I suppose I have to, eh? She doesn't love anybody else! ROFL!!

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