Thursday, March 19, 2009


Leah sanded on the boards and we gabbed and gabbed! :):) Had a wondeeful, wonderful time!
Here they are--in place--tada!

Later in the summer we can stain them. Leah could even cut off the little bit wider that they are I suppose, but it doesn't really matter.
Okay--I know you'll laugh. This is so Leah and I--hehe! I bought the multi-colored sequins (bottom left) and Leah, naturally, started to separate them.
And last night--I couldn't leave them alone, either--hehe! I sat and separated all the rest of them. :)

What did Karma think of the tedious process that kept her barred from my lap most of the evening?

Got a lot chillier today--only 26 degrees right now. Not a windows-wide-open day, that's for sure. Supposed to rain tomorrow maybe, but we might hit 50 degrees on Saturday!!! It finally feels like spring is here. Even if we do get snow after this, it would be melted away in no time. :)
Today is definitely going to be a quiet day for me. One week from today and I will have the surgery and know more what is going on with my jaw. :) Until then--I try not to think about it.
My little sister offered to take off work and come up from Minneapolis to help me out when I have surgery! Thanks so much, Renee!! That means a lot to me. :):) But Leah will be here during and after--overnight. Dagan and Leah are ten minutes away and will be looking out for me.
In fact, I was working on a small order for CashWise yesterday. I plan to make up some creamed soups ahead of time--tada! One of them will be this Flemish Carrot Soup recipe I got from Mom umpteen years ago. Not diet food--hehe! Really yummy! So, I'll be fine. Well, not fine--hehe! I may not be blogging for a few days. I'll have to wait and see how I feel. But I'll be sure and post here after the surgery to let everybody know how it went--even if I have to have Leah post something for me--hehe!
In the meantime, today is definitely an R&R day. Netflix--here I come--hehe!


Serena Lewis said...

Heavens, you are separating a multi-coloured pack of sequins?? It seems that you and Leah just can't stop the organisational bug...LOL Sorry if you've mentioned previously, Rita....I have a terrible short term memory....but have you got the date of your surgery yet?

Kaine said...

I am the same way when it comes to the sequin thing! I like everything organized! I think that is why I am so overwhelmed with my workspace right now lol. The soup is a great idea too. You could make a few different kinds and freeze them in individual servings and you won't have to cook at all later (which you will totally appreciate).

Guess what? An old friend who saw some of my ceramic work requested that I make a piece for him! I am so excited! It is nice to know that others like my work so much that they would like to have a piece all to themselves! Can't wait to get started!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rita said...

Serena--I might possibly have left the sequins alone, but when Leah started them....hehehe! The surgery is on Thursday the 26th. :)

Kaine--Congratulations on your special order!! Nice!! Yes--I plan to have things made up ahead of time, so that all I will have to actually make will be smoothies. :):)