Friday, March 06, 2009


Fresh bananas in the house!!
She missed one--hehe!

The dentist office called back right away this morning. Honestly--I had been sound asleep so my brain wasn't exactly awake. She pointed out that I had cancelled the general exam for yesterday and told me that they couldn't fit me in....and I just listened and agreed. If I had been awake and alert I might have been able to grovel my way into a quick xray before next Thursday--because I didn't really need the full exam--but this additional wisdom tooth is not considered an emergency, I guess. True. So it will just be one wisdom tooth at a time. Maybe that is plenty enough for right now anyways, right?

I've never been to an oral surgeon. I had no idea that you couldn't just ask him to take out both the wisdom teeth as long as I was in there and they were already doing xrays. They are very much the specialists and nothing like going to the regular dentist, I guess. Plus--I am in this category of America's poor and uninsured. Who knows--maybe when I go back for the full exam and xrays after I get this wisdom tooth out they might find more teeth that need to be pulled?

Anyways, enough talk about dentists! *shudder* I don't want to talk or think about this until I go in on Thursday for my consultation. So, for now--no more tooth talk!! hehe!

It's a beautiful morning! Feels warmer than 23 degrees because there's no wind coming our way right now. Even have the porch door open for a little while just for Miss Karma so she can sit in the sun this morning. :)

Grab a little time in the sun if you can, too, and have a really great day!

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