Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Karma apparently likes variety also. You never know where you'll find her sitting or sleeping in this little apartment. Of course, it might have more to do with ownership than variety--hehe! Anything new that comes into the place she has to investigate and, if at all catly possible, park herself upon it. Karma has her favorite spots to sleep--"her" chair and my bed--but by no means will you find her there every day or at any certain time of day. My life of non-routine has apparently rubbed off on her--hehe!
Leah didn't come over yesterday. I forgot that I had CashWise coming after Caroline left--and Michal was home sick from work, too, and Leah was giving some sisterly care. :) So--Leah is coming over this afternoon--soon! I had best get moving here. :):)


Serena Lewis said...

Have a nice time with Leah today ~ :)

Rita said...

We had a great time--just hanging out basically! :):)