Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Today I have pictures from Leah.
First of all--this is a picture of Dagan and Leah's deck with their barbecue (mound on the left--hehe!) after the last blizzard. Wow!
Leah won't be here for crafts this week because she is helping her mother sandbag over at her mom's house in north Moorhead.
Leah has pictures of the current conditions on her Picasa album about weather:
If that doesn't work because it is too long, try this one and look in the "weather" album:
She'll be adding to the pictures this week as the water rises. She was taking pictures of all the water and the local sandbagging going on around the houses up there. Here are a few examples.

And here are a couple pictures of the fields--which look like lakes right now!

Her mother lives on some isolated land back off the main roads. There are two different driveways because of the flooding. The other one is already flooded over and this one is getting soggy! In past years when the flooding has been bad they had to use a boat to get back and forth to the house. The house is on higher ground, but with the water level maybe being higher than it ever has been before...?? They're sandbagging--and probably getting the boat ready.
Off her mom's back yard is usually this swampy area. Looks like a lake already. It is a coulee--??--for overflow, I guess. Leah has more details on her Picasa on the pictures.
These are vehicles waiting in line for bags of sand.
They said on the news last night that we'd need 2 million sandbags in the city. Volunteers are out in this awful weather bagging sand all around the clock. They were asking for more volunteers to come between 2-6am. They have let the college kids out of school to help bag--and I think some of the high schools, too? The National Guard is here now, too.

And we've just had rain and more rain. Thunderstorms last night. Blizzards to the west of us. The rain is expected to change into snow by Wednesday. What a mess!
Leah took pictures of the Sheyenne River that runs right behind their townhouse. She told me that they have diverted the river water so that the Sheyenne is NOT supposed to flood--hurray!

Notice all the snow is basically gone on their deck. All that snow melted soooo quickly up here.
So--that's the weather news from FargoMoorhead. :)
Yesterday I made a batch of split pea soup. Today will be the Flemish carrot soup--tada! Might make some other kind on Wednesday, but if I don't--no biggie. I will have plenty to get through my non-chewing days--hehe! Wednesday I plan to be washing clothes--so I'll see if I am up to another soup by then--hehe!
I have had very little sleep--in the hopes I will be to bed at a more normal time tonight. It had actually worked again last time I tried this--tada! I am hoping all that menopause insomnia craziness has passed and things can get back to what I consider normal--hehe! [I never was one for a "regular" schedule. But--I didn't stay up all night long, could sleep when I was tired, and could flip my days and nights when I needed to--hehe!]
Anyways--back to the kitchen! :):)


Serena Lewis said...

I hope all goes well for Leah's Mum. It's quite a worry no doubt.

Flemish Carrot soup sounds yummy! Before I gave up eating meat, pea and ham soup was one of my favourite soups. Now I love Creamy Mushroom soup ~ :)

I hope your sleeping patterns level out more to your liking, Rita.

Rita said...

The area is pretty much closed down again now on Wednesday because of the snowstorm--but they still need people for sandbagging! What a mess! This too shall pass, right? :) I hope people will be okay and there is not too much damage done??

I like cream of mushroom soup, too. I have never made that from scratch, tho. Yet. :):)