Monday, March 30, 2009


Need I say more?
Leah's mom could get out in her boat yesterday (ice melted) and took pictures of her house!
It is sitting on its own little island!!
She and Leah's brother Aaron are fine. They got Internet service back today--and water (hard to believe, eh?) a couple days ago.
She doesn't live close to any neighbors. No wonder she has a boat!!
Meanwhile--today a snow storm has moved in. Yesterday they were saying we were supposed to get 4-7 inches of snow by Wednesday.
It is pretty sloppy snow--wet. We are praying that it stays cold enough that we don't have a rapid melt before the river recedes--but not cold enough to cause ice jams.
Meals On Wheels is back in operation today. (I didn't realize they had closed! What about all those poor people who depend on them for food? My goodness!) No trash pickup or schools open all week. The military dropped one ton parcels of sandbags on the inside of the dikes on the curves in the river to help prevent erosion--because the river is flowing so much faster than normal--3-4 times? A lot of businesses are still closed this week, of course.
Everyone is thinking positive up here. Praying. Waiting for the river to calm down. (Remember--flood stage is around 18 feet--and it is still just under 39 feet at the moment.) The river is surging north and there are, or will be, more small towns enduring the same process as the excess water heads for Grand Forks. Grand Forks has been fortified after 1997, so they should be okay--thank goodness!! :):)
Me? I am just sleeping, resting, and eating my soups--hehe! Have this peculiar taste in my mouth since the surgery--from the sterilized bone they packed in the space that was carved away. Probably because I know it is somebody's actual bone and it has this odd dry taste--makes me think of Egyptian mummies! Weird, eh? Another thing they can take from me as a donor one day, eh? I never thought about people needing bone. Amazing the ways we can help each other even after death. What a wonderful thought. :):)
I can hardly see out the window right now--a white wall. The wind and the snow have picked up. Karma and I are resting peacefully inside where it is calm and warm. I feel extra, extra grateful now to have moved over the river into Fargo--to the middle of nowhere--hehe! And Dagan and Leah ended up in the safest part of the area up here--West Fargo. We are very, very fortunate. There are so many people who are out of their homes and who will be dealing with the water damage and clean up.
Just heard an announcement that there might be a secondary crest of close to this same height (around 38-40+ feet) again here in April! Good grief! On that sobering note--I am going back to my blanket and pillow--hehe!


Serena Lewis said...

It sounds like the perfect weather to stay indoors and safe. So sad that so many are affected though.

Rita said...

We've been very fortunate that more homes weren't flooded and the dikes have mostly held or been repaired pretty quickly. You know how dreadful flooding can be--like you had there in Australia and we had in New Orleans. Definitely time to count or blessings--could have been worse! :):)