Tuesday, March 17, 2009


This was how much had melted by yesterday afternoon!
The snowpiles take longer, of course.
But it has melted so rapidly that we have street flooding now.
This morning I have the windows and porch door open to the sounds of the geese. Caroline will be here pretty soon, so this will be quick. I thought I'd post pictures of the final organization result. Not that it looks much different--but I just love gazing at it all--ROFL!!
Hall bookcase--(Karma's near-death tub way on the top).
Every label is attached with poster tack now! We plan to add three shelves: second and third from the top on the left one and second from the top on the right one.

See--we have room for more shelves so that things aren't stacked and stacked. :)

Yesterday Leah took me over to renew my driver's license. Done! Then we went over to Lowe's and found a piece of board that we can use for the three shelves and had them cut it for us. We can sand the cut edges now and worry about staining them dark later this summer. We were running late, so Leah will bring the wood over next time she comes--but we have the wood and the little metal shelf braces--tada! Gorgeous day! And again today!! :):)
Have a good one!!


Serena Lewis said...

I can see why you would keep admiring your's and Leah's handywork with all that organising you both did. It was sure worth all the time and trouble.

Rita said...

It really was worth it! I know it's silly but I keep finding myself looking over there with such a feeling of contentment--hehe! :)