Tuesday, March 03, 2009


I made a couple of small orders--kind of my last hurrah before most of my "disposable" income goes off to the clinic each month--hehe! Lots of great sales going on. :)
This one arrived yesterday and I just ordered it on Friday! 8 X 8 inch paper, dew drops, and a stencil you can use for making sewing templates on cards. I still have an order I placed in the middle of the month that hasn't arrived yet. If it doesn't come today I will have to call them. It is a going out of business sale--Luminart!! :( I think she is down to doing everything herself, tho, so I imagine she is swamped. But the check went thru the bank on the 17th of February, so it should be here?
Anyways, Caroline is coming pretty soon. I have gathered all the trash, picked up all the cat toys, and put together a soup to simmer for the day. Leah is supposed to come over some time today. It is warmer out--24 degrees right now--and Karma has already been out on the porch twice. Feels like spring to her, I suppose--hehe! No way! But she can dream of flies--ROFL!!

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