Sunday, March 22, 2009


Cleaning the aquarium with Miss Karma is like having a toddler around--with teeth! I had to watch her like a hawk. All day it was--No! No! No!
Don't want holes from little teeth in my Python hose!
Karma finds the entire process utterly fascinating!
She loves to watch the water go through the hose--tries to catch the small pieces of plants and poop that go by--hehe!
She thinks the stool was put there for her to get a better view of the proceedings, of course.
I can only do a little at a time--especially with the algae scrubbing. (I only scrubbed the two sides I can see--hehe! The back is blue and the side by the TV is mostly blocked.) Karma would wait patiently for the hose magic show.
Finally finished--well, as far as I could go last night. The fish and part of the live plants were still in the buckets on the floor. Had to let the tank run overnight before I put the fish back.
The "Python" is a wonderful invention...
...that hooks right up to your faucet for cleaning the gravel/emptying and for filling the tank. Love it!!
Magic over and done with! Karma was disappointed--hehe!
I wound it up and put it away--barely had closed the cabinet door...
...and Karma had collapsed from the exhaustion of not getting in her 20 hours of sleep with all that excitement all day--hehe!
What a life, eh?

I put the plecostomus up on last night, but I see this morning my ad hasn't even gone through the moderator and been posted yet. I am hoping to find somebody to take him--soon! He is still in one of the blue buckets for now, but I can't keep him in there forever! I'll have to keep checking my emails. I have an ice cream pail ready for transportation--hehe! :)
If he doesn't go by tomorrow, I might have to drive up to the pet shop in north Moorhead and see if they will take him. (Better chance to give a fish away to a privately owned shop than the chains like Petco and PetSmart.) Anyways, feels wonderful to have the tank cleaned and the primary pooper out of there--hehe! :)
Another dark day up here. Sadly--they have rain predicted off and on for days and we don't need any more rain right now. There are 800 truckloads of sand coming tomorrow and they're asking for more volunteer baggers. Sounds like they expect the flooding to be really bad this year. :( No surprise with all the snow we've had.
Well, that's the latest from the North Country! R&R day for sure today. :):)


Serena Lewis said...

That Python sure looks like a handy thing to have if you own a fish tank.

Rita said...

They're great! Cheap cat entertainment, too--hehe! :)