Sunday, March 29, 2009


Well, I have been flying along on the pain pills since Thursday afternoon. Yesterday I took half of the maximum prescribed--cutting back because I will be out of them shortly. I am also getting to the end of the steroids (one more pill today and one more tomorrow), so I was able to actually sleep. Well, maybe out of sheer exhaustion I actually slept for 9.5 hours last night and this morning--and I was nodding off in my chair all night--hehe! I'm sure there will be a repeat chair performance today. As I am weaned off the oxycodone pain pills and the steroids--my cheek is bigger today than it has ever been and I feel worse today that I have since the surgery--chuckle! (But in the instructions it did say that the swelling is the worst from 48-72 hours later--so don't worry, there's nothing wrong.) Thank goodness for the meds, eh? Can you imagine what I would have gone thru without them?!! Whew!!

The oxycodone (am I spelling that correctly?) is WAY stronger than the pills I take for my fibro (darvocet). I joked with people on the phone how they were strong enough that I could hardly feel my usual fibro pain at all--the mouth pain was actually the worst for the first time--hehe! Well--I was moving around a lot more because my body actually felt the best it has in many years--until I cut back on the oxycodone yesterday--hehe! So, I am paying for all that activity. Believe me--I'm not complaining. It was a joy to have a glimpse back in time. :):) I have no complaints--am honestly wistful--as I sit here typing with one hand with a heat pack on my cheek. :):) It was actually glorious not to really feel my body for a couple of days. ROFL!!! :):)

Anyways, I have now just begun to hit the pain wall. I have eight oxycodone left and will use them judiciously, I assure you. :):)

The flood--?? I have no idea what is going on--ROFL!! I assume the dikes are holding or it would be all over the TV and it isn't. As I spoke--the hourly news update came on. Still on alert--standoff with the river--sandbaggers needed again--going to be bagging all night long--dike patrol is highest priority. So far, so good.

My hot gel pack and I are heading for my chair....


Serena Lewis said...

I'm glad to hear you had a pain free body for a short time anyways. :)

Rita said...

I know it sounds weird, but that was a real gift for me in the middle of all of this surgical stuff--hehe! Was wonderful--even if it didn't last long. :):)