Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Very late posting today. These are the pictures from yesterday. Hard to tell but the windows are wide open! Maybe made 50 degrees yesterday? (Chillier today, tho.)
First time I had the screen door opened wide, too!
A contented cat, eh?
In just a couple of days everything is melting away! Flooding of the Red River can't be too far behind, but it is glorious!! You can see where they pushed all the snow under my side of the building from by the front door. :)
I started working on the next set of birthday cards yesterday. Made a couple of videos, too, for YouTube. Started experimenting on the ink pad/roller step--didn't work at all like I had wanted it to. I'll be making a video--even tho they aren't the best--hehe! That's just how it goes sometimes, eh? They'll have to do. :)
Oh--and Caroline came and cleaned yesterday, too.
Today Leah came over. She worked all afternoon on sanding the pieces of the board for our shelves--and we gabbed and gabbed and laughed a lot! :):) Great day!! And we now have the additional shelves up in the bookcases! I'll post a picture tomorrow. Right now--I am off to veg-out for the rest of the evening--happy and content! :):)

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