Monday, March 09, 2009


Oh well. :(

This is what has happened every time I have tried to plant fruit seeds from grocery store fruit--apples, grapefruit, etc. When they are just small they fall over and die--like they get some kind of rot at the base?? Over the years I have tried different kinds of soil--watered more and watered less--but so far the bigger tree on the left is the largest I have ever gotten one to grow. I will be thrilled if it keeps growing!! :)
Woke up to the start of the 3-6 inches we are supposed to get today.
The porch carpet had been been dry for some time. Karma wanted to go out on the thin layer of snow. As she walked she shook her feet violently--step by step--foot by foot.She stopped to lick up some snow...and spied her footprints!
I suppose it was like a negative picture to her of her snowy footprints she leaves on the carpet--ROFL!! She went to lick them up!!
Yes! Karma makes me laugh every day!

Right now she is parked in a window chair watching the snowstorm.
Yesterday I worked on punching the holes and choosing the yarns and threads for sewing.

Once I got into the yarn satchel...hehehe! Most of them have yarns this time. :) Been so long since I have used the yarns and thicker threads that I forgot that you CAN use any number of holes--odd or even!! Duh! With the thicker, fluffier yarns I use a bigger screw bit and have the holes farther apart (use six instead of eleven). Doesn't really work well to use the awl with the thicker yarns--too hard to get the yarns thru the smaller holes.

Anyways, I assembly-lined them. Got them all ready to sew and the choices made for yarn/thread--all stacked up. Only put together a few, as you can see. That is what I plan continue with today. :)

We are expected to have snow for three days. So, I need to contact Leah about being my back-up ride for the oral surgeon's consultation on Thursday...?? PitaPaseo is not good in the ice and slick snow--plus I basically haven't been driving, either, for the past almost ten years. I would never have made it to the last dentist appointment at all if it weren't for Leah. I would never have gotten the car out of the garage! Remember the snow we got stuck in by the garages? Pita is very low to the ground and a light car--so--we'll have to see when it actually stops snowing and how much we get and if they have time to plow before Thursday afternoon--hehe!

Leah was planning on coming over tomorrow to work on labeling--weather permitting, of course. I hope she can come. I always love it when she and/or Dagan come to visit! :):) And it would be nice to finally finish this cleaning project before I am recovering from tooth surgery--hehe!

BTW--I am waiting for Leah because this last part involves a lot of repetitious lifting and wrist movement. Just in case you were wondering. Certain things like that are just hard on my left arm. I can do them--but just a few a day. So then I might as well wait for Leah so that we can do them all at once. I can do the parts that won't put my arm out. We're a good team. :):)

Have a great day! Those of you who are in the middle of a snowstorm like me--hope you can stay home or drive carefully! :)

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