Thursday, March 12, 2009


I must have jinxed myself! First the little apple tree shoot fell over and now the leaves are mysteriously collapsing on this one? Looks worse this morning, too. :( Somebody told me that they do something to the fruit they sell in the grocery store that prevents the seeds from growing. ?? Has anybody else heard that? Doesn't sound healthy, if it's true. Would explain why the little seedlings come up and then die, I suppose. And why only about one out of 6-8 seeds will even attempt to germinate. Interesting....hummm??? Poor little thing!

Leah and Amber came over late afternoon. I got to show Leah what I had been working on all day--tada! I got all the labels she had printed up last time mounted on cardstock and attached with the poster tack. This tall one is the rubber stamp cabinet. It is in desperate need of cleaning inside--like the low cabinet had been. The drawers are kind of open for the dust to settle inside. You can really see if you click on the picture to enlarge it. Amazing how dusty they can get in just a few years--ROFL!!
After they left I started in on the new labels Leah made last night. Pulled the boxes out of shelf in the cabinet behind my chair there, right? I am concentrating and working away....and suddenly something hits the back of my chair! Well, talk about jump!

Of course! Who else would it be?
This fascinating opportunity for Karma had never even been a possibility in the past when that cabinet had been jammed full of bottles and cans and such--hehe! This is how she hit the back of my chair--hehe!
Anyways, it was supposed to get down to 18 below last night--brrr! But warm up to about 13 above today. And be up to possibly 40 by the beginning of next week! That's why you can say around here--"Don't like the weather? Wait a few minutes."
During the day yesterday they had already cleared 80% of the side streets by the time the evening news came on at 5pm. We do know how to move snow up here, that's for sure!
My setting the alarm and getting little sleep for three nights finally actually worked to combat the going to bed close to dawn--tada!! (Knock on wood!) I was in bed at 11pm and slept thru the night till morning!! Hurray! Just like the good old days--hehehe! Maybe I am finally getting to the other side of the crazy menopause insomnia? Hallelujah!!
Leah and Amber are going to come and pick me up for the "consultation" with the oral surgeon at MeritCare this afternoon. I should know now--today--when I will be going in for the surgery--finally. Afterwards we might go and look for lumber to make some extra shelves in the craft bookcases. Not sure if we will have any time left over to work on the satchel labels or not--we'll see. So much fun just to see them and hang out--two days in a row--tada!
I hope Dr. Magid is a nice surgeon. :):)


Kaine said...

The pictures of Karma made me laugh! lol! Isn't it funny how they think that every "new" place was made specifically for them :)

This week has kicked my butt! I haven't gotten much of anything done. No pictures taken, no cleaning done, and I still have not sent out your money! I feel blah. I hope this weekend is productive. I really want to get down to my studio and get working.

Hope you are feeling okay and if it makes you feel any better I have to go to the dentist soon two I have two cracked teeth that are getting bad. I haven't been back since I got my braces off about 7 years ago :( ahhhhh!

Serena Lewis said...

you will find that it's highly unlikely an apple tree will grow from the seed of a store-bought apple. this is because the apples you buy are specifically grown from trees that have been grafted onto natural apple tree roots. even it your plants were to survive, apparently you would have to wait up to 6 years to see any fruit and the fruit will not even resemble the apple from which the seed came. basically, it will be inedible. weird, but true ~ :)

Rita said...

Kaine--I can relate to the fear of dentists! But go!! Look what happened to me, girl! :):) I really jumped when she hit the back of my chair with the wooden door--hehe! I didn't realize the door hadn't latched and didn't know it was open--but nothing gets past Miss Snoopy!! hehehe!

Serena--that's really creepy that the fruit won't even reproduce normally! I guess I hadn't thought about it. This tiny sapling is on its last legs. I guess I'll buy seeds from a nursery if the urge to grow anything hits me again--hehe! Thanks for the info! :)