Thursday, March 05, 2009


This is why packing paper and bubble wrap stay around here for so long sometimes--hehe! If I hide them for a few days and bring them back out again Karma takes such delight in pawing them and laying on or near them. Here she fell asleep last night--while pawing the bubble wrap.

I woke her up taking pictures...
...but only briefly--hehe!
I heard from the oral surgeon's office this morning. I go in for a consultation on Thursday the 12th. I didn't think to ask about the other wisdom tooth at the time I went in for this abscessed one. They can't take them both out at once unless the surgeon gets a referral for the other one, too. I will call and ask if they can do that without seeing me again--but I doubt they will do that. So--I might have to wait and take care of the other one later. Oh well. Maybe this is enough to handle right now, eh? And I have no idea how much this will end up costing me, either.
Anyways, I finish the penicillin today. Been up later and sleeping later. Haven't been taking pain pills the last couple of days--so far, so good. I'll let you know what the dentist says about the other wisdom tooth. Just washing clothes today. :)
Leah and I had a grand time yesterday! Didn't actually get much done except make some labels with the labelmaker--hehe! We just basically hung out and chatted all afternoon--nice!! :) We did figure out how we plan to attach the labels to the satchels (have to be cut back the cardstock on the inside and use three tiny balls of poster tack).
Been warmer out! 35 degrees right this minute!! Wow! Cracked open the windows and the porch door!! Bye for now....


Serena Lewis said...

i hope all goes well with your appointment on the 12th.

Karma looks so cute ~

Rita said...

This one is just for X-rays and discussion, I guess. Then they will schedule the actual surgery after that. Boy! Takes a longer time to get rid of a toothache without insurance. There are only a few oral surgeons or dentists who deal with people on state insurance or without insurance (the poor folk)--so longer wait. Be glad when it is over.

But I have Miss Karma to keep me company--hehe!