Thursday, March 26, 2009

Surgery Day--hehe!--almost 1pm

Well, I am home! All went well. I am posting quickly before the Novocaine wears off. I wasn't asleep--but with the tube up my nose and the IV in my hand and the Novocaine--I didn't care what they did to me--chuckle! They were a happy, efficient team--laughing and so kind! I think all the good thoughts and well wishes and prayers and good energy sent my way worked on all kinds of levels. :):) <--not that I can actually smile right now---hehe!

Dagan and Leah are taking good care of me and will be here tomorrow, too. They don't have to leave for the appointment for court tomorrow morning because that got cancelled, too, with all this craziness up here with the weather. So they will be around and taking care of me tomorrow, too. :):) No worries! The pain wall hasn't hit yet--but I also have some stronger pain pills for a few days, too. Not sure when I'll be back posting--but all is well and I am so glad this is over with! :):):) Bye for now!


Serena Lewis said...

I didn't realise it was your surgery day already.....I'm glad to hear all went well and that Dagan and Leah are looking after you. I hope you make a swift recovery. Take all the time you need before returning to blogland. I'll be thinking of you and sending lots of get well vibes.

Serena xo

Donn said...

Glad to hear all went well...for now. I'm sure you'll have some pain after the novacain wears off. Just take it easy. Guess it will be liquids and soups for a couple days. Take care of yourself.

Kaine said...

Ohhh so glad things went well!!!! I will hopefully have a new post up for you to read when you are awake and ready to get back to it.
I am still working in my secret project for you ;) And getting the basement studio all cleaned up! Picures coming very soon I hope!

Hope you feel better soon!

Rita said...

Thanks everybody! All your good wishes and prayers and healing thoughts--really helped for a quick and painless surgery. I should be feeling better here in a couple more days--and am doing better than expected, actually. :):)