Wednesday, March 25, 2009


For days this is what we have seen on TV.
Calls for volunteers for sandbagging...
...floodwatch reports...
...the red cross and the national guard to the rescue...
But last night the snow storm warnings came in on top of the flooding conditions.
Back to cold weather again...
...and it doesn't look good for the next few days.
Me--I made Flemish carrot soup yesterday. Worked on the set of birthday cards and made another video.
I've had birthday cards coming early this year. Thanks so much! Lifts my spirits! Tomorrow is surgery day.
The snow did come in last night. Here's what it looked like at 2:30am.
I turned on the porch light to get a shot of Karma eating snow--again.
What a crazy combination--snowstorm and flooding!! The roads are terrible because there is ice under all of this. There are roads closed because they are flooded and they are advising no travel again because of the icy roads and low visibility. This is what it looks like here this morning.
Dark day.
We were just about rid of our white winter world. None of this will last very long, of course. And the snow is a good thing, I guess. Better for us to have snow than more rain is what they are saying. I hope the roads are better by tomorrow. I haven't seen the news yet today but closings have been running across the bottom of the TV screen since I turned it on. Even the big mall--West Acres--is closed today. This is the third time we have basically been shut down this winter due to bad weather. Only occasionally happens once--let alone three times in one year.
So today--I am just washing clothes. I think I have plenty of creamed soup--hehe! I guess I'd better watch the news and catch up with what is happening up here, eh? I'm supposed to have the oral surgery at 11am tomorrow morning. I'm sure they'd call me if the bad weather changes anything with their scheduling....
Good day to be inside!! :):)

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