Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Pushing myself to make the soups was worth it--hehe!! :):)
Today Caroline was supposed to come. I got up early--but the parking lot hasn't been plowed and it looks awful out there. I called her and we will reschedule. Usually she comes on Thursdays if she can't come on Tuesday--but I am supposed to have my recheck on my jaw, so we are going to play it by ear. The colleges are closed, so she might be able to come on Friday??
We'll play it by ear and get in touch later on in the week. The snowstorm is supposed to let up by tomorrow. I haven't heard any news reports yet this morning--haven't been up long enough--hehe!

I caught a picture of Miss Karma last night--she was snoring!! So funny!
She does that once in a while. Cracks me up!
I made a short little video for YouTube showing the snowstorm yesterday. So grateful that Miss Karma and I are warm and safe. She can snore all afternoon again today if she wants to. And I have lots of soup left--ROFL!! :):)


Kaine said...

Your soups look so yummy! They are making me hungry as I sit here at my desk wishing I was home in my studio!

I got the clay studio cleaned up and organized over the weekend and took some pictures but haven't had a chance to get them up yet. Hopefully I will have some time after I get home from the gym tonight...It is so hard to fit everything you want to do in a day!

Glad you are feeling better and it sounds like the worst is over for the surgey :)

Can't believe you guys have all that snow on top of all the flooding, hope everything gets back to normal soon.

Rita said...

Saw your pictures--lot of work!! Can hardly wait to see what you make and bake in there--hehe!

So glad I made the soups--yes!! If I could just get this cruddy taste out of my mouth...hehe!