Monday, March 23, 2009


Ahhhhh!!!! :):)
I have all live plants in my tank. I am sure they hate to be taken out and replanted, but every couple of years it must be done. Can't clean the gravel very well with all these plants and the crud builds up--hehe! I tried to put the plants toward the back so that I can at least get to the front gravel--hehe! But those ferny looking plants you see here--well, they are all connected underneath the gravel and send off shoots. It was quite interesting just getting them out carefully in one piece--over a foot long now.
Here's my homely hunchbacked killifish. Smart fish! Just not much to look at.
The plecostomus in the ice cream pail transport! It doesn't look like much here all clamped up and upset--but it is a beautiful pleco!
My ad came out online on and in two hours the pleco was out the door! Love freecycle!!
All the fish survived--even the rummy nose who shocked out on me and was floating belly up for a while. Tetras generally don't like to be moved--especially the smaller ones. The pleco is going to be living in the lap of luxury in a 55 gallon tank! And will have another smaller pleco for company. Wonderful! Everybody is happy!
I had a small CashWise order delivered last night--mostly ingredients for creamed soups. That is what I am doing today--making soups. :):)
Been raining all day and the thunderstorms are supposed to be rolling in tonight and tomorrow. We have flood watch going on everywhere up here. I guess we've become national news because of expected record-breaking crests for the rivers. Not good! I am not near any water here, but Dagan and Leah have what looks like a small creek along the backyard of their new condo?? Wonder what it is like over there? I'll have to call and ask tonight.
Leah is planning on coming over tomorrow to work on a couple of wedding cards. I might still be making soups--hehe! I figure if I make one batch a day, I'll have three kinds of soup before Thursday. Today is split pea. :):)
The wish for around here--stay dry!


Serena Lewis said...

I'm glad to hear someone wanted the Pleco. The fish tank looks lovely with all the greenery.

Rita said...

I couldn't believe how fast the pleco went! Glad! I love looking at the tank at night when it is lit up and it is dark in here. Relaxing! :)

Kaine said...

MMMMMMMmmmmm!!!! Split pea soup is one of my favorites!

Rita said...

Since I won't be able to chew I cheated and bought canned ham to throw in--then pureed it all together. Smelled delicious, but I didn't eat any of it. Saving it for after the surgery--hehe! :)