Saturday, March 07, 2009


I really like these CD tins from They look like old fashioned movie reel tins and they hold CDs/DVDs. I plan to buy some more of them. That whole stack fit into these four tins.
I did spread them out into more tins (organizing again--hehe!)--forgot I had a few more in the TV cabinet in the bedroom. But now I can go right to the category I am looking for--with room for expansion in most of them. :) So--I have gotten a little something done, I guess.

And I forgot I had this in my camera from when I made Karma into the bed when I washed clothes--hehe! She slept for 4-5 hours in there. :)
Not feeling up to too much--but have been appreciating the sunny days and the warmer weather. Have a nice Saturday afternoon. I think we change the clocks tonight..??

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