Thursday, March 26, 2009


A gift in the mail from Ruby yesterday! A couple of books and some embroidery floss! (Which I use to sew bookcards together, of course!) I LOVE Lorna Landvick!! Saw her at a book reading at the Fargo library a few years back with Jennifer. Lorna was a complete hoot! So entertaining and quick witted--just plain funny and a joy! Was the best reading I have ever been to--ever! Lorna had been a member of an improv group in Minneapolis--as you could tell by her quick comebacks and sense of humor. She rewarded people who had questions by throwing them Hershey's Kisses! I already loved her books, but fell in love with her, too, after meeting her in person. She writes about unique and quirky--but ordinary and realistic--characters who will make you laugh and cry. If you ever get a chance to meet her yourself--I don't think you'd ever forget it or regret it!! :):)

Meanwhile--on the home front--I slept restlessly for a few hours and finally couldn't get back to sleep at all. A little nervous about the procedure, of course--but also wondering if I will even be having it at all? Leah called last night and said Michal heard that they were canceling all unnecessary surgeries--except for emergencies it sounded like? I did get a call yesterday to confirm on the surgery, but that was earlier in the day.

Anyways, I will call this morning and double check--and then call Dagan and Leah and let them know by about 8-8:30am, as soon as I can find out. And then--the roads are so horrible with ice--and some are flooded--will we find a route to get there? Well, no use worrying about it, I know. I already took my mega dose of steroids (for the swelling) with dinner, used the special mouthwash, haven't eaten since 6pm, and no fluids since about 9pm. Slept from 10pm-2am. And now here I am bothering you--hehe!

Moreso than the worrying about whether or not I will have the surgery or if we will be able to even get there (we'd get there if we have to creep along--we're Minnesotans, don'tchaknow!)--is the fact that I couldn't take a pain pill. That is mostly what was keeping me awake. So--since my surgery isn't until 11am--I took a pain pill with a tiny bit of water at 2:30am. I know they said no fluids after midnight--but my surgery is later in the day, so I think I'll be just fine on that score. It even said if you had medication you had to take you could take it with very little water. I know--I didn't have to, but..... I am waiting for it to take the edge off.

It will be very disappointing, to say the least, if they have to cancel. I already took the steroids and such. And I have been waiting for quite a while--what feels like forever. The announcement went out in the evening--so they probably wouldn't have called people about cancellations--and wouldn't until this morning, if that is the case. Time will tell, right? Meanwhile--the harder edge is softening just a bit. I thought--as long as I was up...who knows when I'll have time or feel up to blogging, right? So strange--I almost didn't make it to the dentist that other day because of the weather. The forces have been against me on this--hehe! Well, it is a test of patience and my personal dance with pain, eh? I am winning, tho! Never fear! I can hang in here even longer if I have to--no problem. :)

I am going to go watch Netflix or something on tape...maybe snooze in my chair, if I am lucky, eh? And say a little prayer for all the people fighting the flooding!! Dagan and Leah and I are all fine on that score. Leah's mom, too--so far as I have heard. They said they are now predicting the highest cresting of the Red River ever recorded--41 feet by Saturday? Yup! A big prayer! :):)

P.S. I will keep you updated--on the flood and the surgery. Even if I have to have Dagan or Leah post a little something for me. I promise. :):)


Serena Lewis said...

I read this post after your later one when you had the surgery so you were obviously classified as an emergency surgery. I'll bet you're glad to have it over and done with.

Townsville in the north of Queensland had a terrible time with flooding late last year. Many homes were flooded....such a shame because, shortly after, we had the devastating loss of life in the bushfires in our southern state of Victoria. Two forces of nature wreaking havoc. I will pray for all the flood victims in Leah's Mum's area and I hope the flood level doesn't rise too much more despite their forecast.

Rita said...

I guess technically I qualified as NOT being elective surgery--hehe!

I know! We also have got blizzards and tornadoes going on over here, too, in other parts of the country. Such craziness! :)