Monday, March 02, 2009


I don't think I have ever posted a picture of my tiny apple trees--hehe!
I just dried out and planted seeds from my Braeburn apples from the grocery store. Out of about half a dozen seeds two have come up. I guess I'll just keep popping seeds in there and see what happens--hehe! Wonder if I can keep them alive? It's nice to have something growing and green with everything so white outside--hehe!
Nothing much to report. Making up my grocery order for March and planning more items I won't have to chew--hehe! Cancelled my regular exam with the dentist on Thursday. Decided I had best wait until I get done with the oral surgeon (mouth-wise and money-wise). Working on the monthly budget/bills, etc. Just the usual beginning of the month stuff. :) Tooth not bothering me as much as it was pre-dentist. Doing a lot of reading and TV/movie watching, tho, to stay lost in stories--hehe!
Nine degrees above zero right now. Karma was just out on the porch for a brief stroll. Me--just waiting to hear from the oral surgeon's office. Not really suffering anymore--so--whenever. No stress over waiting. Have a great day! :):)


Kaine said...

Sooo glad you are feeling better! I agree that there is nothing better to do when it is white and cold outside but get lost in another world :)

Rita said...

Ha! How true!! :):) I'm doing a good job of it--hehe! :):)